Sunday, December 13, 2009

"Could you please pass the CAGEMATCH!"

Twas the night before Thanksgiving, two student teams both giving thanks for the chance to compete for an opportunity to go against the ever so powerful Death by Roo Roo West. Who would get that chance? Bright and Shiny or Lawrence of Arkansas, there was only one way to decide: CAGEMATCH. 20 minutes of improv is all they get to prove that they are the right competitors.

After a hilarious bit by Toni and Betsy about the first ever cagematch, Bright and Shiny and Lawrence of Arkansas were brought to stage for a good old fashioned coin toss determining who will be going first. Bright and Shiny is first! After another hilarious bit about the cagematch rules by Toni and Betsy, it was game on for Bright and Shiny. They were just what their name seemed, Bright and Shiny on that stage. They were fast, quick, and hilarious, but would it be enough for the victory...only time could tell.

20 minutes is up, it is now Lawrence of Arkansas' turn to blow the audience's minds. They begin with a force like that of the pilgrims taking over Plymouth Rock, letting nothing stand in their way. They too had a hilarious show that kept the audience laughing. But enough. Their 20 minutes is up, it is time to vote.

Unlike voting during the first Thanksgiving where they yelled the loudest, the audience handed in their ballots and the votes were counted. Bright and Shiny are victorious!! They have earned the opportunity to go up against Death by Roo Roo West!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

GM takes the Challenge

The UCB Cagematch has had a new champion Roo Roo West aka The Moment in the house with a two win streak and tonight they played for a hat trick as we like to call it at the ole' cagematch. Tonight they took a brand new challenger, Goodbye Mailbox was ready to fight from the top, they even came with guns that shot word bullets. This cagematch was going to be a duel, a duel between two improv who want to be crowed champion.

Goodbye Mailbox going first, after losing the coin toss, stepped on stage and started to make fireworks. The audience was waiting for Goodbye Mailbox to hit it out of the park and if you were sitting in the bleachers you may have just caught a fly ball, but they hit it right out of the park.

Our champions Roo Roo West aka The Moment, were one short this week due to Brett Gelman being sick with the H1N1 virus aka Swine Flu, but being a man short wouldn't stop these champs from putting on an awesome show. The Moment was set in an apartment bedroom right after some quick intercourse. The audience continued their twenty power laugh through out their show.

The votes were collected and counted and a winner was determined. That winner would be... and still champions Roo Roo West aka The Moment!

See them return on Dec 2nd, as the champs have thanksgiving week off, but there is still a match Wednesday night, Nov 25th as Bright & Shiny and Lawrence of Arkansas battle it out for a chance to face Roo Roo West aka The Moment on Dec 2nd. This show is also going to be hosted by Cagematch favorites Betsy Sodaro and Toni Ramos.

Make your reservations here.

Time to Man Up!

With a new champion, Roo Roo West aka The Moment in the house, they are about to face some "manly" competition, cause tonight they are going to have to face Man Up! The challengers are coming right off of a month residency at TNT and they are ready to play for the title. The Moment was ready for their next opponent and ready to prove they are here to stay!

Man Up! went first and proved they were ready to walk away with that championship belt, but little did they know UCB Cagematch doesn't have a championship belt.

Roo Roo West aka The Moment, took the stage and once again did their monoscene set at a park near the weird people who play chess all day. Do those people have jobs?

The audience would have a tough decision to face when it came to voting unlike in the 2000, 2004, or 2008 elections, but vote they did away and they determined a winner and still champion Roo Roo West aka The Moment!

Will Roo Roo West aka The Moment go on a winner streak, find out on Wednesday at 11pm at UCBTLA.

Florida 2000 Do-Over!!!

It's November, time for shorter days, longer nights, turkey, stuffing, and the most intense cagematch in town! On November 4th, Roo Roo West aka The Moment would take the stage for a once in a lifetime chance of going head to head with cagematch champs Jamboree (6-0). Jamboree on a hot streak can do no wrong in the eyes of the audience.

Both teams came out ready to cagematch! Jamboree going first would have to set the bar high and high they did, making it a tough act to follow. Roo Roo West aka The Moment came and blew the top off the lid by doing a mono-scene set inside a bar during girls night! The audience loved both teams, but what would they do when it came time to vote?

The votes were counted and counted again. Then counted one more time, then Harrison, the host, screwed up and had to count one more time in order to determine the winner for the night. After all of the re-counts the results came down to one vote. The winner will be returning the following week and that winner is... Roo Roo West aka The Moment!

Check Cagematch out every Wednesday night at 11pm at UCBLA!!!

Return of the Jamboree!

On October 28th, our returning champions, Jamboree took on the Challengers Slave Leia. Slave Leia most popular for her role in Return of the Jedi come to UCB to see if they could stop the power train known as Jamboree. Both team battled as if it was a fight for Endor, but which would the force be with? Well after the votes were collected and counted, the force was with Jamboree who will return to face a brand new challenger the following week!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Update for you!

Cagematch still hasn't stopped rocking and here is your update to prove it!

October 7th
Killer featuring Chuck Ford hit the stage. Chuck Ford a Hollywood Bowl enthusiast and improv historian wasn't a spectator this week whatsoever, he was on stage and challenger on new cagematch champion Jamboree going for their third win! Jamboree had a special guest Charlie Sanders stepping in for Ben Schwartz who wasn't there this Wednesday. Killer killed with their set and then Jamboree came on and did a monoscene, blowing improv doors off their hinges. When the vote arrived officially sealed, Jamboree would return as champions one more week.

October 14th
Magic was a brewing this week with Wizard St. Cloud, with former cagematch host Will McLaughlin in the audience it was like old times, except this time magic would be happening. Would their magical spells and potions be enough to stop the mighty train known as Jamboree? With Ben back in the saddle they would have to come out swinging and swinging they did like little kids having a great old time! The audience even determined that their scene that took place at In-n-Out was good enough to be granted cagematch winners!

October 21th
Are you ready for your worse Pudmare? Well our challengers, Pudmare were ready to give you one. Would Jamboree be ready? Jamboree, notorious for winning the coin toss, won the toss again choosing to go second. In a two person vs two person team, each team would build a foundation for improv to be built upon and judged. Judge is exactly what the audience did an gave the crown of championship to Jamboree.

On October 28th Jamboree will have to face a sci-fi fantasy when they square off against Slave Leia! Make your reservations today!

Shrooms are back on top!

In another exciting drug cagematch we saw the danger and pitfalls of DO'IN IT UP!

Team Weed hit the stage stoned and not really knowing what was going on!

Team Shrooms really had no idea where they were!

Team Booze, last year's champions were drunk and ready to share their secrets!

After the voting Team Shrooms prevailed as the Drug Cagematch winners for 2009! Join us next year as we do it again!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Durg Cagematch Tonight!

Special Exhibition Cagematch tonight (10/9).

Come see what team will win.

Team Weed vs. Team Booze vs. Team Shrooms.

Team Booze returns as Champions from last year.

Team Weed
Eric Appel
Becky Feldman
Joe Hartzler

Team Shooms
Drew Difonzo Marks
Ryan Meharry
Jim Woods

Team Alcohol
Erin McGathy
James Pumphrey
Scott Rodgers

The show is sold out at the moment, but the waitlist starts at 7pm, but there are be a square!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cagematch Update

With the disappointing news that no one reads the cagematch blog, it has been neglected over the past couple weeks which means there is a lot to catch up on.

September 16th
BayBay vs The Champions "The Smokes"
BayBay had an amazing show and left the stage leaving the audience to believe there might be a new cagematch winner that night, but the The Smokes had a time great show by performing the Chosenberg. They used an audience member throughout the entire show. When the votes were counting the returning champions slam dunked that night to return for another round.

September 23rd
Jamboree vs The Champions "The Smokes"
Jamboree came as a very unique challenger, a two person team comprised of Ben Schwartz and Jim Woods. Schwartz a familiar face to cagematch championship teams and hot of an Emmy winner. Woods a member of "The Smokes" could only play on one team, and so he played with Jamboree. The S
mokes short a few players hit the stage and gave another grand performance, but the audience voted and they voted for their favorite and their favorite that night would be Jamboree! New Cagematch winner Jamboree

September 30th
Gina Gershon (The Teckies) vs The Champions "Jamboree"
When improv team Gina Gershon fell down some stairs it was up to all of theatre teckies to join forces and to do a show that might possibly take down the newly crowned champions, Jamboree. The Teckies took the stage and did a very funny show. Jamboree went on after them to an amazing show. The audience voted and Jamboree will return for another week as UCB Cagematch Champions.

In each show described above, cagematch host Harrison Brown, paraded himself around the stage like a complete jackass, thinking he was in marching band, looking for Waldo, and bringing the show to complete haltering stop with his jokes.

October 7th, 2009
One day in the future from right now, Jamboree will have to Killer. The team Killer features a cagematch legend, some might call a cagematch historian, some might call the guy who gets up during the middle of shows, some might call the guy who drinks diet coke, this man is known to us as Chuck! Chuck will be at cagematch, but not to spectate, but compete for the toughest improv title in town! Make your reservation now.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Smokes are Blue

Ladies and Gentlemen filled into the seats as two amazing improv teams got ready to hit the big leagues on the UCB stage. Returning champions "The Smokes" have had the title for one week, but their Challengers "Blue" were going to put up a fierce battle against the new champions. Their fate would be determined in a 20 min improv battle to the death. The death panels aka the audience has been assembled, it was show time.

After losing the coin toss Blue would be up first. Blue is made of a tripod of people, three to be exact. Blue was ready for a fight and fight they did. They even used their timeout, which has not been used in many months, during their timeout, Jake Regal decide to take his pants off in order to cool down the hot stage. The time quickly came to an end.

During the halt time switch, the very popular half time game "Where's Waldo" made a triumphant return as Harrison scanned the audience look for exiled Waldo.

The Smokes hit the stage and pulled out their form for the night called "Sleepover" from a bucket. Starting in a sleep over they improvised til their hearts stoo. With a combined total of 7 members they made improv look easy. Would The Smokes be looking at win number 2 or would they be packing their bags, it would be up to luggage department aka the audience.

With buzzer buzzed on both teams, it meant it was time for the audience to go to the polls and vote aka tear a piece of paper and put it in a bucket. After all votes were counted, The Smokes were declared UCB Cagematch champs for the second week in a room.

Next week The Smokes will face Bay Bay, be sure to make your reservation for next Wednesday at the UCB Cagematch.

Also The Smokes will be doing a show at UCB this Saturday at 10pm, make your reservations here.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Pouffff a new Champion!

The streams were raging, the fires were burning, and eagles were soaring, the perfect conditions for a cagematch. Benderdangle on a hot streak, but would it be enough to stop the ole mighty challengers, The Smokes? Only time would tell and that time would 20 minutes a piece in the squared circle.

The Smokes went first, which is nothing new to them, they are usually the first on the stage on Monday nights at UCB. They know how to get a crowd going. They allowed the audience to pick the form they would be doing. the audience filled out ballots ahead of time and The Smokes picked it on stage. "Three Davids" is what they picked and "three david" is what the audience got! The buzzer ended their twenty min "three david" set.

Then it was time for Benderdangle to hit the stage and do what they do best... improv! Playing like they normally do Benderdangle was hitting hard that night. Tonight they were facing some of their toughest competition yet and would they be able to beat their challengers only the audience would be able to determine that.

... and determine that they did. So after two teams the audience voted and that night they voted for a new winner, The Smokes.

The Smokes will be back this Wednesday versus Blue, which will be just as tough of match as this one was. It's anyone's game now!

Make your reservations here for Cagematch this week. If the show is sold-out, no worries get your name on the waitlist and there is a very good chance you will be able to get in. So be there!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Benderdangle Times Three!

On Wednesday it's Cagematch and this week we had a battle out of this world! Returning Champions Benderdangle would be up against some tough competition from this week's challenger, Dope Times Three. The most interesting thing about the Dope Times Three is their original name was Dope and then they times it by three only to become more powerful. Well after the teams met each other it was times for both teams to put their dukes up cause it was fightin time.

Dope Times Three would have to prove themselves first, after winning the coin toss and choosing to go first. DTT hit that stage like a horse right out of the gates. They even had a little jockey on top them that's how much they were like a horse right out of the gate. They had the crowd laughing a long and not only did DTT make them laugh, they cared for the audience. Colton Dunn stopped the show to ask a few ladies what was up and he discovered they were on girl's night out! After their 20mins it was more like Dope Times Three night out.

The current champs Benderdangle (4-0) were playing for their 5th win, that's half of ten and one twentieth of a hundred. Although they didn't solve any audience member's problem, they did bring and delivery a very memorable Cagematch. They got the audience on board the laugh train early on. Benderdangle continued to slam it until the last second of their show.

Then the polls opened, there was no free coffee, no "I voted" stickers, no ID required, just the ballot the audience received as they walked into the theatre. Once they voted, the ballot were counted and a winner was determined. Next week Benderdangle (5-0) will be returning again to face a challenger.

Next week "The Smokes" will be the challengers and they are ready for a duel with Benderdangle. Make your reservation today for Wednesday! See you on Wednesday!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Benderdangle Rode the Last Ferry!

With the cagematch Champions back in town ready to take on a new challenger is was time for another Cagematch! Betsy fever had caught on with host Harrison Brown. And with a fever comes a fight... a cagematch fight. This week Benderdangle would have to face the Intercontinental Cagematch Champions "Last Ferry to Hobart." Coming off a hot win the week before Benderdangle would be in challenge. With LFTH winning the coin toss they would choose to go second.

Benderdangle hit the stage first. With a week off would they still have the same momentum they had when they left? Well once they got started it seemed like they had never left. With bam here, kabam, over there, they were right at home at the UCB cagematch. When the buzzer buzzed, it would be up to Last Ferry to Hobart to see if they would be able to capitalize by coming by going second and by capitalizing I mean capitalist style.

Last Ferry to Hobart hit the stage running as if they were running to catch the last ferry of the night to Hobart and we all know that when that happens you are left on the main land and forced to do improv in hopes of earning enough money to get a room at the inn that night, otherwise the gutter soon becomes your bed for the night. Well LFTH played like champions in a very fierce and tough competition for the night. Would their 20 min triumph over the current champions?

It was time for the audience to go to the polls just like the citizens of Afghanistan did the same day. The only different was there were no car bombs, no suicides, and it would take weeks to find out the results to a fraudulent elections. Luckily at cagematch there is no fraud and the audience receives the results right away. This week the winner and still champion, Benderdangle.

Benderdangle had a surprise visit from Colton Dunn at the end of the show with a tough threat to watch out next week when they have to face off against "Dope Times Three" with Colton Dunn, Matt Braunger, and Eric Price.

Be sure to make your reservation for the big show!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Intercontinental Cagematch!

With current champs Benderdangle, in NYC for the Del Close Marathon, it was time for an Intercontinental Cagematch, to determine who would face the current champions next Wednesday. Two awesome teams were going to be needed for this Intercontinental Cagematch. Our first team was "Sworn to Sedition," not to be confused with the popular national radio show Morning Edition, although if they did have an improv team I'm sure it would consist of early risers and they would be well informed about current events. STS would have to face a ship that can carry cars and was used a plot devise in the popular 2008 film, the Dark Knight, their opponents would be "Last Ferry to Hobart". With STS winning the coin toss and choosing to go second, Last Ferry to Hobart would be going first.

Now as the last ferry, it needs to load as many passengers and cars as possible cause it won't be back until early tomorrow morning, which means it was time to load up the funnies. LSTH came out with a fast-pace show with tons a laughs. This three man team played right up until the buzzer went off. They played a great 20 mins and now they would have to wait another 20 mins before the audience would be voting.

With the half-time intermission over it was time for Sworn to Sedition to play their cards. STS started by doing bring the heat. With slow burning scenes this team would have the audience laughing hard at the end of every scene. As the clock approached 20 mins STS was on a roll and out of time, would it be enough to become the Intercontinental Cagematch champion?

Then the voting polls opened (Tim Greer walking around with a bucket) in which the audience voted for their favorite team of the night to claim the Intercontinental Cagematch Championship and go on to face current Cagematch Champion Benderdangle next Wedneday. Well the winner would be "Last Ferry to Hobart!" See them next week face the champions and make your reservations today.

Don't forget to check out a very special Exhibition Cagematch tonight, Thursday at 11pm at UCB, when cagematch goes Back To School and it's Cool Kids vs. Nerds. Make your reservations here.