Friday, November 20, 2009

Florida 2000 Do-Over!!!

It's November, time for shorter days, longer nights, turkey, stuffing, and the most intense cagematch in town! On November 4th, Roo Roo West aka The Moment would take the stage for a once in a lifetime chance of going head to head with cagematch champs Jamboree (6-0). Jamboree on a hot streak can do no wrong in the eyes of the audience.

Both teams came out ready to cagematch! Jamboree going first would have to set the bar high and high they did, making it a tough act to follow. Roo Roo West aka The Moment came and blew the top off the lid by doing a mono-scene set inside a bar during girls night! The audience loved both teams, but what would they do when it came time to vote?

The votes were counted and counted again. Then counted one more time, then Harrison, the host, screwed up and had to count one more time in order to determine the winner for the night. After all of the re-counts the results came down to one vote. The winner will be returning the following week and that winner is... Roo Roo West aka The Moment!

Check Cagematch out every Wednesday night at 11pm at UCBLA!!!

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