Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Old Town has a Gigilo!

Another exciting installment in cagematch happened last Wednesday. Old Town going for the win number 5 would have to face a Gigilo in order to complete victory and not just any gigilo... Gigilo Puppy! With Gigilo winning the coin toss and deciding to go first, Old Town decided to greet their opponents with a kiss on the lips. Then it was showtime! ... not the premier cable channel but the showtime for two improv teams to face each other head to head.

Gigilo Puppy hit the stage doing a monoscene that started with three characters but continued to get more character, in which they all played the characters. It was obvious from the beginning that they would give Old Town a run for their money.

During half time it was time to play "Where's Waldo" in the crowd. A game where Harrison tries to find Waldo within the audience and yes he found him.

Then it was time for Old Town to come to the stage aka their home for the past four weeks, trying to stay there for at least one more week. Wasting no time, they started to hit it out of the park right after one another. After their 20 minutes it would be time for the audience to vote...

The real question would be would the audience protest for days after the vote, having to summon the cagematch supreme leader to intervein, well that didn't happen and Old Town won again!

See Old Town, this Wednesday (6/24) at 11pm faceoff against HillJones!

Old Town Crushes TAB!

In another heated battle of cagematch, it brought our champions up against a fierce competitor, TAB, whom perform regularly at Crashbar on Thursday nights. It was determined somewhat early on, I say somewhat after Harrison long-winded opening. Then it was battle time.

Old Town took it to the stage to delivered to the audience. Well the audience received and laughed their
socks off. Would Old Town's performance be enough to keep their streak going?

TAB, which sounds and is spelled the same as the soda that was made popular in the 80's come our excited and ready to take on these champs.

Which way would the audience leans towards and vote...

... and our winners are Old Town, back again on Wednesdays at 11pm.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

People will be calling this the Nerds and Jocks Cagematch for years!

The audience climbed aboard last Wednesday for another Cagematch aka Power Hour. The audience had their tickets aka ballots ready to see an amazing and little did they know they were right! The returning Champs Old Town were ready for week 3, and UCB Harold team Arts & Athletics were ready to show them who control this town!

Old Town would be defending their title first. Let's just say their population wasn't three, it was was population funny. Giving the audience another twenty minutes of solid laughs the audience couldn't have been happier. Would this be the night they pull a McCain at the voting booth or an Obama?

Arts & Athletics, who perform regularly at UCB on Monday nights at Harold night, were ready to take the stage. They formed a free flowing montage, which is different from their normal harold. Taking a few minutes to get use to a different stage they emerged with bringing the house down with laughs. It's easy to say they were playing to pull off an Obama, but would it be enough to get the audience?

Most voting in this country takes place on Tuesday, but let's be honest the only voting that is really worth a damn takes place on Wednesday at 11:55pm at UCB. Once the audience voted the winners would be crowd and they would be able to ride their victory for at least a week. And the winner is... Old Town, your continuing Champions.

See Old Town take on another enormous improv giant, TAB this Wednesday (6/10). TAB has been know to knock down improv walls so be careful.

Make your reservations now, before it sells out!