Friday, May 29, 2009

2 Dudes go to Old Town!

Cagematch returned this week with new champions Old Town.  Old Town defeated cagematch giants Kill Screen the previous week.  Their first battle as champions would be against 2 Dudes in Shorts which consist of Alex Berg and Jim Woods.

Old town won the coin toss and choose to go first.  They came out with a force ready to defend.  They made cagematch their own town.

2 Dudes in Shorts came out after the half time break to try and do some damage.  They kept the audience laughing from the very beginning.

After the buzzer buzzed it would be up to the audience to determine who they would face off again the UCB harold team ARts & Athletics.

The audience decided to bring back Old Town (2-0).

Be sure to make your reservation for next week Wednesday at 11pm.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kill Screen has reach their Final Level!

A night to remember it was...  It all started by giving a tribute to Jennifer a fan of cagematch who was unable to attend the match due to a busted appendix.  As she wished Harrison promised her three home runs throughout the cagematch.  After the first home run, it was time to start a cagematch.  Kill Screen deferred to Old Town, our challengers to choose and they choose to go first.

Old Town stepped on stage with a presence and brought the house down.  It was evident from the beginning that Old Town would be giving Kill Screen a run for the final level.

After the half time break, Kill Screen stepped in to the ring and performed a monoscene.  They improv'd their hearts out and everyone knew it would be a close vote.

The audience voted and those votes were counted and Old Town had defeated the all mighty Kill Screen by four votes.

Kill Screen had incredible record of 7-1 in the UCB Cagematch.

As Kill Screen journey had ended, Old Town's was only beginning they would have a battle the following Wednesday against "2 Dudes in Shorts" with Alex Berg and Jim Woods.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Mystery was Solved Last Wednesday!

Tension were high last Wednesday night as Kill Screen (6-0) would have to take on the crime fighting force known as Lady Detective.  Like most detectives, Lady Detective took a bold move by opting to go second in the nights match, which means Kill Screen would be hitting the stage first.

Kill Screen was going for their seventh win and this week they would have to do it without Ben Schwartz, so Colton Dunn stepped in.  Chad and Colton took a long journey with blow dolls and Colton even took a dump out of a building.  Their 20 mins flew by and left the audience howling by the end of their set.

Then Lady Detective got the call and it was their to solve a crime.  They hit the stage with a force, putting all the clues together, to slove a mystery of who done it aka 20 mins of improv.  Following Kill Screen, would be a challenge, but could they win the audience over before big vote?

The big vote came, people voted in an orderly fashion and a winner was determine.  And this Wednesday (5/20) Old Town will be taking on...  Kill Screen.

Get your reservations fast!!!

It's happening on Wednesday (5/20) at 11pm!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Kill Screen Takes on Swanyze like Cancer takes on Patrick Swazye!

Two fierce team collided together on Wednesday!  UCB harold team Swanzye stepped out of their regular form to take on the Cagematch giants, Kill Screen.  The atmosphere was hot, the temperature was rising outside, as well as in the squared circle.  These teams were ready to fight!  Right out of the gate Kill Screen threw to Swanzye to determine who wanted to go first, and Swanzye took the opportunity to go first.  

As Kill Screen was getting ready to relax for 20mins, Swanzye put their game faces on and by game faces I mean improv handjobs.  Normally Swanyze performs harold but choose to step out of their comfort zone and montage'd it up!  Would the fact that Swanyze was on their home field lead to victory?  would the fact that Swanyze was shaken things up lead to victory?  Would the fact that Matty Smith has on fairly new shoes that were bought a while ago, but look new and different, but adds to his style lead to victory?  Swanyze and the audience would have to wait another 20 mins to find out...

Kill Screen, after doing a monoscene the week before, we ready to show what else they could do and what else could they do... while they did all of their scenes in a bowling alley.  Little know fact the bowling alley in my home town was called Oregon Bowl and a little know fact beyond that is that my gym class had a bowling unit, so I got to bowl for gym class, yeah!  Kill Screened, played various character throughout there shows, leading to a mulicharacter violent, blowjob, salad machine freenzy!

Then democracy happened, both were given 20 mins to do some improv and then the audience voted.  Then the audience votes were counted by closed-source voting machines (Europe and all industrialized nations use open-source machines, so you can track how exactly votes are counted, keeping a good line of checks and balances in the voting world) and then a winner is determined, and this week the winner is... Kill Screen, your continuing UCB Cagematch Champions.

See Kill Screen take on Lady Detective next Wednesday (5/13) at 11pm.  Make a reservation early before we sell out.