Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Mystery was Solved Last Wednesday!

Tension were high last Wednesday night as Kill Screen (6-0) would have to take on the crime fighting force known as Lady Detective.  Like most detectives, Lady Detective took a bold move by opting to go second in the nights match, which means Kill Screen would be hitting the stage first.

Kill Screen was going for their seventh win and this week they would have to do it without Ben Schwartz, so Colton Dunn stepped in.  Chad and Colton took a long journey with blow dolls and Colton even took a dump out of a building.  Their 20 mins flew by and left the audience howling by the end of their set.

Then Lady Detective got the call and it was their to solve a crime.  They hit the stage with a force, putting all the clues together, to slove a mystery of who done it aka 20 mins of improv.  Following Kill Screen, would be a challenge, but could they win the audience over before big vote?

The big vote came, people voted in an orderly fashion and a winner was determine.  And this Wednesday (5/20) Old Town will be taking on...  Kill Screen.

Get your reservations fast!!!

It's happening on Wednesday (5/20) at 11pm!!!

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