Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kill Screen has reach their Final Level!

A night to remember it was...  It all started by giving a tribute to Jennifer a fan of cagematch who was unable to attend the match due to a busted appendix.  As she wished Harrison promised her three home runs throughout the cagematch.  After the first home run, it was time to start a cagematch.  Kill Screen deferred to Old Town, our challengers to choose and they choose to go first.

Old Town stepped on stage with a presence and brought the house down.  It was evident from the beginning that Old Town would be giving Kill Screen a run for the final level.

After the half time break, Kill Screen stepped in to the ring and performed a monoscene.  They improv'd their hearts out and everyone knew it would be a close vote.

The audience voted and those votes were counted and Old Town had defeated the all mighty Kill Screen by four votes.

Kill Screen had incredible record of 7-1 in the UCB Cagematch.

As Kill Screen journey had ended, Old Town's was only beginning they would have a battle the following Wednesday against "2 Dudes in Shorts" with Alex Berg and Jim Woods.

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