Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Old Town has a Gigilo!

Another exciting installment in cagematch happened last Wednesday. Old Town going for the win number 5 would have to face a Gigilo in order to complete victory and not just any gigilo... Gigilo Puppy! With Gigilo winning the coin toss and deciding to go first, Old Town decided to greet their opponents with a kiss on the lips. Then it was showtime! ... not the premier cable channel but the showtime for two improv teams to face each other head to head.

Gigilo Puppy hit the stage doing a monoscene that started with three characters but continued to get more character, in which they all played the characters. It was obvious from the beginning that they would give Old Town a run for their money.

During half time it was time to play "Where's Waldo" in the crowd. A game where Harrison tries to find Waldo within the audience and yes he found him.

Then it was time for Old Town to come to the stage aka their home for the past four weeks, trying to stay there for at least one more week. Wasting no time, they started to hit it out of the park right after one another. After their 20 minutes it would be time for the audience to vote...

The real question would be would the audience protest for days after the vote, having to summon the cagematch supreme leader to intervein, well that didn't happen and Old Town won again!

See Old Town, this Wednesday (6/24) at 11pm faceoff against HillJones!

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