Friday, November 20, 2009

GM takes the Challenge

The UCB Cagematch has had a new champion Roo Roo West aka The Moment in the house with a two win streak and tonight they played for a hat trick as we like to call it at the ole' cagematch. Tonight they took a brand new challenger, Goodbye Mailbox was ready to fight from the top, they even came with guns that shot word bullets. This cagematch was going to be a duel, a duel between two improv who want to be crowed champion.

Goodbye Mailbox going first, after losing the coin toss, stepped on stage and started to make fireworks. The audience was waiting for Goodbye Mailbox to hit it out of the park and if you were sitting in the bleachers you may have just caught a fly ball, but they hit it right out of the park.

Our champions Roo Roo West aka The Moment, were one short this week due to Brett Gelman being sick with the H1N1 virus aka Swine Flu, but being a man short wouldn't stop these champs from putting on an awesome show. The Moment was set in an apartment bedroom right after some quick intercourse. The audience continued their twenty power laugh through out their show.

The votes were collected and counted and a winner was determined. That winner would be... and still champions Roo Roo West aka The Moment!

See them return on Dec 2nd, as the champs have thanksgiving week off, but there is still a match Wednesday night, Nov 25th as Bright & Shiny and Lawrence of Arkansas battle it out for a chance to face Roo Roo West aka The Moment on Dec 2nd. This show is also going to be hosted by Cagematch favorites Betsy Sodaro and Toni Ramos.

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