Friday, November 20, 2009

Time to Man Up!

With a new champion, Roo Roo West aka The Moment in the house, they are about to face some "manly" competition, cause tonight they are going to have to face Man Up! The challengers are coming right off of a month residency at TNT and they are ready to play for the title. The Moment was ready for their next opponent and ready to prove they are here to stay!

Man Up! went first and proved they were ready to walk away with that championship belt, but little did they know UCB Cagematch doesn't have a championship belt.

Roo Roo West aka The Moment, took the stage and once again did their monoscene set at a park near the weird people who play chess all day. Do those people have jobs?

The audience would have a tough decision to face when it came to voting unlike in the 2000, 2004, or 2008 elections, but vote they did away and they determined a winner and still champion Roo Roo West aka The Moment!

Will Roo Roo West aka The Moment go on a winner streak, find out on Wednesday at 11pm at UCBTLA.

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