Friday, August 28, 2009

Benderdangle Times Three!

On Wednesday it's Cagematch and this week we had a battle out of this world! Returning Champions Benderdangle would be up against some tough competition from this week's challenger, Dope Times Three. The most interesting thing about the Dope Times Three is their original name was Dope and then they times it by three only to become more powerful. Well after the teams met each other it was times for both teams to put their dukes up cause it was fightin time.

Dope Times Three would have to prove themselves first, after winning the coin toss and choosing to go first. DTT hit that stage like a horse right out of the gates. They even had a little jockey on top them that's how much they were like a horse right out of the gate. They had the crowd laughing a long and not only did DTT make them laugh, they cared for the audience. Colton Dunn stopped the show to ask a few ladies what was up and he discovered they were on girl's night out! After their 20mins it was more like Dope Times Three night out.

The current champs Benderdangle (4-0) were playing for their 5th win, that's half of ten and one twentieth of a hundred. Although they didn't solve any audience member's problem, they did bring and delivery a very memorable Cagematch. They got the audience on board the laugh train early on. Benderdangle continued to slam it until the last second of their show.

Then the polls opened, there was no free coffee, no "I voted" stickers, no ID required, just the ballot the audience received as they walked into the theatre. Once they voted, the ballot were counted and a winner was determined. Next week Benderdangle (5-0) will be returning again to face a challenger.

Next week "The Smokes" will be the challengers and they are ready for a duel with Benderdangle. Make your reservation today for Wednesday! See you on Wednesday!

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