Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Benderdangle Rode the Last Ferry!

With the cagematch Champions back in town ready to take on a new challenger is was time for another Cagematch! Betsy fever had caught on with host Harrison Brown. And with a fever comes a fight... a cagematch fight. This week Benderdangle would have to face the Intercontinental Cagematch Champions "Last Ferry to Hobart." Coming off a hot win the week before Benderdangle would be in challenge. With LFTH winning the coin toss they would choose to go second.

Benderdangle hit the stage first. With a week off would they still have the same momentum they had when they left? Well once they got started it seemed like they had never left. With bam here, kabam, over there, they were right at home at the UCB cagematch. When the buzzer buzzed, it would be up to Last Ferry to Hobart to see if they would be able to capitalize by coming by going second and by capitalizing I mean capitalist style.

Last Ferry to Hobart hit the stage running as if they were running to catch the last ferry of the night to Hobart and we all know that when that happens you are left on the main land and forced to do improv in hopes of earning enough money to get a room at the inn that night, otherwise the gutter soon becomes your bed for the night. Well LFTH played like champions in a very fierce and tough competition for the night. Would their 20 min triumph over the current champions?

It was time for the audience to go to the polls just like the citizens of Afghanistan did the same day. The only different was there were no car bombs, no suicides, and it would take weeks to find out the results to a fraudulent elections. Luckily at cagematch there is no fraud and the audience receives the results right away. This week the winner and still champion, Benderdangle.

Benderdangle had a surprise visit from Colton Dunn at the end of the show with a tough threat to watch out next week when they have to face off against "Dope Times Three" with Colton Dunn, Matt Braunger, and Eric Price.

Be sure to make your reservation for the big show!

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