Thursday, August 13, 2009

Intercontinental Cagematch!

With current champs Benderdangle, in NYC for the Del Close Marathon, it was time for an Intercontinental Cagematch, to determine who would face the current champions next Wednesday. Two awesome teams were going to be needed for this Intercontinental Cagematch. Our first team was "Sworn to Sedition," not to be confused with the popular national radio show Morning Edition, although if they did have an improv team I'm sure it would consist of early risers and they would be well informed about current events. STS would have to face a ship that can carry cars and was used a plot devise in the popular 2008 film, the Dark Knight, their opponents would be "Last Ferry to Hobart". With STS winning the coin toss and choosing to go second, Last Ferry to Hobart would be going first.

Now as the last ferry, it needs to load as many passengers and cars as possible cause it won't be back until early tomorrow morning, which means it was time to load up the funnies. LSTH came out with a fast-pace show with tons a laughs. This three man team played right up until the buzzer went off. They played a great 20 mins and now they would have to wait another 20 mins before the audience would be voting.

With the half-time intermission over it was time for Sworn to Sedition to play their cards. STS started by doing bring the heat. With slow burning scenes this team would have the audience laughing hard at the end of every scene. As the clock approached 20 mins STS was on a roll and out of time, would it be enough to become the Intercontinental Cagematch champion?

Then the voting polls opened (Tim Greer walking around with a bucket) in which the audience voted for their favorite team of the night to claim the Intercontinental Cagematch Championship and go on to face current Cagematch Champion Benderdangle next Wedneday. Well the winner would be "Last Ferry to Hobart!" See them next week face the champions and make your reservations today.

Don't forget to check out a very special Exhibition Cagematch tonight, Thursday at 11pm at UCB, when cagematch goes Back To School and it's Cool Kids vs. Nerds. Make your reservations here.

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