Monday, August 3, 2009

Cagematch via Satellite

Asterios Kokkinos here with your exciting cagematch wrapup! For those of you who couldnt get tickets to this sold out slamfest, here's a report, straight from my cell phone at my girlfriends friends steampunk themed wedding!

Seriously. I am a wedding based on the steampunk aesthetic taking place in Pasadena. More on this later.

The evening started out with your host dancing so hard and so fast that he had to sit down. Then, Harrison appeared on the big screen, and the show REALLY began!

Harrison, via skype from his sister's house in Minneapolis, was in full effect. The two men exchanged pleasantries, but then it was time to get down to business - the business of hilariousness!

BENDERDANGLE and THREE KINGS emerged, and Harrison tossed the coin from another state, with Three Kings winning and electing to go first.

Then, a crisis: Asterios had no idea how to set the clock. You would think he would have taken the time to learn what is perhaps the most important part of hosting cagematch, but nope! He did, however, nail the no luchador masks rule, so give him some credit.

Clock issues aside, Three Kings came out and gave a dynamite performance. They played fast and furiously, editing faster than a McG film on acid. Is that a good reference? Should i have used Baz Lurhman?

Anyway, then BENDERDANGLE came out and started strong and never let up. The newly minted champs fought hard and hilariously, hoping to avoid the ignoble title that is "the one week wonder."

Both teams established themselves so well and played so fast that, before anyone knew it, it was time to count the votes. Harrison broadcasting exactly 1929 miles away joined the improv jam, proving that time zones mean nothing to experienced improvisors, and made the audience laugh as loud as anyone on the actual stage.

In all contests, even ones this evenly matched, there must be a winner. After what must have been an agonizing decision for the audience, BENDERDANGLE hung onto the title. Then, in a mutual show of respect for both great teams, the audience handed out a racous round
of applause.

A final note: the amazing video uplink and awesome light and sound effects of this show would not have been possible without the brilliant Mr. Scott Davis. Thanks Scott! Well, until next time I'm Asterios Kokkinos, happy cagematching!

See BENDERDANGLE take on HAROLD'S GIRLS this coming Wednesday (8/4) at 11pm at the UCB Cagematch, make your reservation today.

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