Friday, July 24, 2009

Benderdangle Takes the Title!!!

In a much anticipated match tonight, the returning champion trying to hit double digits and go for their 10th win, but in order to do so Old Town would have to face a team that was determined to stop that from happening. Benderdangle a team with the heart to win, would be taking the stage. Old Town would be using two substitutes as Brain and Taylor would be out of town for this match. Old Town would be winning the coin toss and choicing to go second.

Benderdangle would need hit the stage running and run they did. Some described they way they took the stage as "the just started runnin' like Forrest Gump." A lot of people who read this are going isn't that movie 15 years old, yes. Not only did they hit the stage runnin, but they also made the audience laugh. Benderdangle finished their 20 minutes strong, would it be enough to take down the 9 time winner?

Old Town came strong and ready to play even with two substitutes. Old Town began to find their groove fast and groove they did. But this time would they be able to make it too that number 10 or would they leave with just 9 wins?

Votes were made, put into a bucket, and counted to determine a winner... and Benderdange was that new winner. Knocking out the mighty giants Old Town, Benderdangle had done it, they had won the audience over, in a bloody match to the final finish. Come by next Wednesday to see Benderdangle square off against Three Kings. Make your reservations today!

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