Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Zeppo Marx comes to Old Town

Another fierce installment of Cagematch, challengers Zeppo Marx would come and try to take down the power of Old Town. Would Old Town thrive? or would it fall like so many states and city infrastructures left in an economy lead by money grubbing bastards... we'll it would all be determined by 20 mins in front of a voting audience.

Old Town
would take the stage first, the way they like it. They came out of the gate and were ready to defend their
title in the toughest cagematch in town. Old Town started by throwing some upper cuts and some jabs and then went to town... I mean they went to Old Town on their opponents.

Half time = Harrison's rambling rant

Zeppo Marx were ready to take on their mission straight on. Their first objective and only objective would be to make the audience laugh and laugh they did, but would it be enough? Only the audience would determine that fact.

The votes were taken, collected, and counted the audience voice (voice through voting and yelling at the actual show) and a winner was determined and it looks like Old Town is settling in as UCB Cagematch winners.

See Old Town face a team of all teams on July 15th at 11pm vs. Swimf@n.

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