Thursday, July 2, 2009

This Old Town has a Lincoln's Bedroom

Another Wednesday, another Match, another Cage would bring together an amazing challenging team to face the reigning champs Old Town. Lincoln's Bedroom is not a force to be reckon around with, a team made 8 people, they would come out swing. After the coin toss Old Town would be going first.
With host, Harrison Brown nearly screwing their intro Old Town, took it to the stage or as some peop
le might say took it to the heat. Speaking of heat the theatre was super hot on this night, which just added fuel to the fire of cagematch. Once again Old Town had another amazing show, knocking it out of the park. Pretty soon they will have to start performing at Dodger stadium, if they keep hitting it out of the park.

But then Lincoln's Bedroom, hit start and activated the improv show. A team that usually does a harold took a break from it in order to blow our minds. The team comprised of 8 people went scene after scene, hitting the audience for laughs. Would their effects be enough for them to return the following week?

The fate of both teams laid in the audience hands in the form of a ballot, they casted their vote, their votes were counted and Old Town wins again.

Next week they will have to face off against Zeppo Marx at 11pm on Wednesday (7/8). Make your reservations today!

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