Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Swinf@n goes swimming in Old Town!

Chapter 9 in the Old Town regime would mean that they would face a competitor like no other, a contestant on fire, a challenger that has earned the name challenger, they would face Swimf@n. In a surprise, Old Town arrived on stage with two of their regular residents out of town and neighbor stepping in to fill that gap and that neighbor would be Betsy Sodaro filling in for Frian and Taylor. Would this give Swimf@n an advantage with or put them at a disadvantage? You would only know, if you had been lucky enough to nab a ticket to the sold out show last Wednesday night.

Swimf@n hit the stage swimming as if they were the sports biggest fan. After a month long of regular performances at TNT, Swimf@n had the stage experience to go up against the best. The audience had to do a double take to make they were watching Swimf@n and not Michael Phelps biggest fan. They finished their 20 minutes with a nice relay race.

After half time, Old Town would hit the stage and with a last minute arrival of Brian, Old Town was ready, and ready they were to take on their toughest challengers yet. Old Town would once again prove they were the champs in this town.

After both had been given 20 mintues to perform, the audience votes and those were counted, making Old Town champs for another week in row!

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