Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies!!!

... cause it's ladies night and the feelings right, at least it was last Wednesday at the UCB Cagematch when "Harold Girls" stepped up to play the two champs "Benderdangle." With Harrison back in action from Minnesota it was time for another intense Cagematch and this one would be. "Harold Girls" is an all-star team made up of all the girls on Harold teams, but would this all star team but enough to take down the team in town "Benderdangle?"

With "Harold Girls" going first they would have to set the bar for the night. With a total of 10 ladies on stage they started their 20 mins with a bang. These ladies came to play and were ready to benderdangle all over the returning champions. These ladies were ready to rock and not only did they rock, they rolled.
Benderdangle, with two wins were going for their Turkey win that night. They would have to overcome and out play an amazing show by "Harold Girls" in order to stay the champs. Benderdangle did what they do best, they dangled and bender for 20 mins. With Betsy flinging her body all over the place, they had the crowd the laughing.

Anything can happen when the audience votes. America was built on the idea of democracy and cagematch was built on the exact same idea, so the audience voted for the team they want to see back on Aug 19th, and the team that won was Benderdangle.

Next Wednesday (8/12), due to the Del Close Marathon, the UCB Cagematch will be having an intercontinental cagematch. Two teams will be fighting it out to come back and face the champions on Aug 19th. Make your reservation now.

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