Monday, September 7, 2009

Pouffff a new Champion!

The streams were raging, the fires were burning, and eagles were soaring, the perfect conditions for a cagematch. Benderdangle on a hot streak, but would it be enough to stop the ole mighty challengers, The Smokes? Only time would tell and that time would 20 minutes a piece in the squared circle.

The Smokes went first, which is nothing new to them, they are usually the first on the stage on Monday nights at UCB. They know how to get a crowd going. They allowed the audience to pick the form they would be doing. the audience filled out ballots ahead of time and The Smokes picked it on stage. "Three Davids" is what they picked and "three david" is what the audience got! The buzzer ended their twenty min "three david" set.

Then it was time for Benderdangle to hit the stage and do what they do best... improv! Playing like they normally do Benderdangle was hitting hard that night. Tonight they were facing some of their toughest competition yet and would they be able to beat their challengers only the audience would be able to determine that.

... and determine that they did. So after two teams the audience voted and that night they voted for a new winner, The Smokes.

The Smokes will be back this Wednesday versus Blue, which will be just as tough of match as this one was. It's anyone's game now!

Make your reservations here for Cagematch this week. If the show is sold-out, no worries get your name on the waitlist and there is a very good chance you will be able to get in. So be there!

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