Friday, September 11, 2009

The Smokes are Blue

Ladies and Gentlemen filled into the seats as two amazing improv teams got ready to hit the big leagues on the UCB stage. Returning champions "The Smokes" have had the title for one week, but their Challengers "Blue" were going to put up a fierce battle against the new champions. Their fate would be determined in a 20 min improv battle to the death. The death panels aka the audience has been assembled, it was show time.

After losing the coin toss Blue would be up first. Blue is made of a tripod of people, three to be exact. Blue was ready for a fight and fight they did. They even used their timeout, which has not been used in many months, during their timeout, Jake Regal decide to take his pants off in order to cool down the hot stage. The time quickly came to an end.

During the halt time switch, the very popular half time game "Where's Waldo" made a triumphant return as Harrison scanned the audience look for exiled Waldo.

The Smokes hit the stage and pulled out their form for the night called "Sleepover" from a bucket. Starting in a sleep over they improvised til their hearts stoo. With a combined total of 7 members they made improv look easy. Would The Smokes be looking at win number 2 or would they be packing their bags, it would be up to luggage department aka the audience.

With buzzer buzzed on both teams, it meant it was time for the audience to go to the polls and vote aka tear a piece of paper and put it in a bucket. After all votes were counted, The Smokes were declared UCB Cagematch champs for the second week in a room.

Next week The Smokes will face Bay Bay, be sure to make your reservation for next Wednesday at the UCB Cagematch.

Also The Smokes will be doing a show at UCB this Saturday at 10pm, make your reservations here.

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