Friday, October 23, 2009

Update for you!

Cagematch still hasn't stopped rocking and here is your update to prove it!

October 7th
Killer featuring Chuck Ford hit the stage. Chuck Ford a Hollywood Bowl enthusiast and improv historian wasn't a spectator this week whatsoever, he was on stage and challenger on new cagematch champion Jamboree going for their third win! Jamboree had a special guest Charlie Sanders stepping in for Ben Schwartz who wasn't there this Wednesday. Killer killed with their set and then Jamboree came on and did a monoscene, blowing improv doors off their hinges. When the vote arrived officially sealed, Jamboree would return as champions one more week.

October 14th
Magic was a brewing this week with Wizard St. Cloud, with former cagematch host Will McLaughlin in the audience it was like old times, except this time magic would be happening. Would their magical spells and potions be enough to stop the mighty train known as Jamboree? With Ben back in the saddle they would have to come out swinging and swinging they did like little kids having a great old time! The audience even determined that their scene that took place at In-n-Out was good enough to be granted cagematch winners!

October 21th
Are you ready for your worse Pudmare? Well our challengers, Pudmare were ready to give you one. Would Jamboree be ready? Jamboree, notorious for winning the coin toss, won the toss again choosing to go second. In a two person vs two person team, each team would build a foundation for improv to be built upon and judged. Judge is exactly what the audience did an gave the crown of championship to Jamboree.

On October 28th Jamboree will have to face a sci-fi fantasy when they square off against Slave Leia! Make your reservations today!

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