Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kill Screen is throwing out some Snapkins!

Kill Screen was back this Wednesday to take on a new opponent, but their opponent this week was a battle that was the equivalent of two mountain smash together.  Imagine the Rocky mountain in a fight against the Himalayan mountains and that was what happened on the UCB stage on Wednesday night.  With Snapkin losing the coin toss, Kill Screen chose to go second, which mean Snapkin was up to bat.  Recently Snapkin won the 2009 Tuesday Night Thunder March Madness Tournament.  Beating out 23 other improv teams in one night, but would that be enough to beat Kill Screen.  Only 20 mins and an audience vote would be able to tell.

Snapkin quickly took us on a tour of a solo intervention, picture time, and trip to the plastic surgeon.  Their time was slowly ticking away as they came back full circle to their solo intervention and then the buzzer rang.

Next up, Kill Screen, four weeks in row they have come out swinging... swinging hard that is.  Before the audience knew Kill Screen was in the middle of a monoscene between two co-workers and one amazing burrito.  Trust me this was one big burrito.  Without a single edit Kill Screen did 20 minutes in the same scene as the same characters.

The audience voted and Kill Screen defeated yet another out standing competetitor, Snapkin.

Come see Kill Screen next Wednesday 5/6 at 11pm as they take on their next competitor, UCB harold team Swanyze.  Make your reservation now.

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