Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shhhh, this Kill Screen is a Secret!

Last night Kill Screen (2-0), the original duo came back to the cagematch to defend their title against CIA trained Secret Squad.  Most of the time you would know these agents on the streets from anyone else, but last night they dropped their government personas and took on Kill Screen with full force.  With the Secret Squad winning the coin toss they decided to go first, which was lead by Kill Screen's greeting of a hand shake.

Secret Squad took the stage as if they were secret mission in the Balkans.  They hit the stage with full frontal laughs from the audience.  Secret Squad had came to play.  With their twenty minutes counting down, they pulled some improv magic out.  Would their secret government training be enough to beat Kill Screen?

Kill Screen, the original duo Chad Carter and Ben Schwartz, were back!  From angry latte costumers and sitting in the wrong chair, it was evident that they had reach the final Kill Screen.  They finished their set by a convict jumping inside of his lawyer and that's how Kill Screen does it.

It was an extra democratic day when the audience voted, due tax day.  Luckily no one brought tea bags, Harrison had strategically place buckets of water in non-descript locations in hope of walking away buckets of tea, but the only thing anyone was walking away with was the cagematch championship, which went to...  Kill Screen!

See Kill Screen defend their title next week on Wednesday (4/22) at 11pm against The Universe.  Make your reservations early, it has been selling out every week, don't miss you chance to get to a KILL SCREEN!

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