Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Secret Squad is taking on Kill Screen

The following is a memo that was dropped off outside the UCB LA Cagematch headquaters on April 14th. 
The following information sold to a very high bidder on the black market. what you are about to read contains sensitive information on the identities, whereabouts and status of the 7 agents known as THE SECRET SQUAD. many have died for this information, and many will still kill for it:

Scott Hayes- active, eastern Russia

Mike Carlson- active, Ukraine

Brendan McGovern- inactive, San Diego

"Jack" Allison- active, Costa Rica

Adam McCabe- active, Niger

Gian Molina- active, IO West

Matty Smith- defected - whereabouts unknown

Intel we received indicates that THE SECRET SQUAD is planning on taking down a well known and well funded international nuclear arms dealer known as KILL SCREEN a.k.a. two dudes.

the take down will occur at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre during an event called the CAGEMATCH.

this will occur at 11pm on Wednesday April 15th, 2009.

New FBI and CIA oversight under the Obama Administration requires all agents in the field to make reservations here:

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