Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kill Screen takes on The Universe!

In an epic battle The Universe took on Kill Screen: The Bonus Level, our reigning champs.  With both teams battling it out to see which team would go first, Kill Screen won the coin toss and decided to go first, which meant The Universe decided to greet their opponents european style with a double kiss.

Kill Screen: The Bonus Level was ready to take the stage with some fast pace improv, which they are known for.  Stepping in for the missing Ben Schwartz was Colton Dunn and Paul Sheer.  Kill Screen came out hitting and hitting hard, but that's how you have to play with you go up against an entire universe!  The buzzer rang after 20mins, which meant it was halftime.

After the half time break, The Universe took the stage.  Taking on the challenge of facing Kill Screen, they took on an even bigger challenge a monoscene.  The Universe slowly transformed into a family that had been torn by divorce.  This family even abrevated most words, leaving a real son feel isolated from his dad who loved his step son more and who's mom lived a compound.  In this family poetry was considered a sin.  This family lived somewhere in our own universe.

Then came the audience vote aka democracy.  The vote had been certified and sealed by the UCB Cagematch elections committee...  and still champions Kill Screen!

Make your reservations today for next's week match win Kill Screen will have to face Snapkin, the winner of TNT's March Madness Tournament.  See it all on Wednesday (4/29) at 11pm at UCB!

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