Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kill Screen the Bonus Round!

Tonight Kill Screen defended their title against hockey greats D2: The Might Ducks.  Harrison started the show by playing a little keytar synthesizer.  Then out came the both teams.  The Ducks quack their way to their to the stage, but when the champs arrived on stage it was a new team, Kill Screen: Bonus Level.  With Ben Schwartz out for the night Chad brought in some heavy re-enforcers.  KS allowed the Ducks to choose who would be going first, so the Ducks decided to go second.  Now let's get this cage going.

Kill Screen took the stage as if they were already on the final level.  Going through seemless transition with Owen Burke, Eugene Cordero, and Colton Dunn dominated as skipped their way through the forest.  Even without Ben, Kill Screen defended their title to the final second.

Then D2: The Might Ducks skated on to the stage as if they were at the Goodwill games.  On a sidenote earlier in the day they were in Beverly Hills pretending to be Aaron Spelling nephews and watched models try on dresses.  They also had to adapt to the warm weather of California since they are used to the notorious cold winters of Minnesota.   With no time outs, no penatly shots, and no knuckle puck, the clock ticked to zero and The Ducks put on a great show.

Then the audience voted, the votes were counted, and winner was determined.  The winner will have to face "Secret Squad" next Wednesday April 15th at 11pm, be there to see you Champion Kill Screen take them on!  Make a reservation today.  

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