Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Power in Town!

Every week is exciting at the UCB Cagematch, but on Wednesday March 11th, Fiasco! would have to face their toughest, roughest, and strongest competition yet, they would have to face Fancy Schmancy.

Harrison, the cagematch host, started like normal by flying around the UCB Theatre on a broom stick and spouting Harry Potter reference in which he was the only one who seemed to know the reference.  Little did he know at the time, but Alex Fernie, Alex Berg, and Drew Difonzo Marks had given him a few false Harry Potter references.  If they were false or not, that would stop Harrison from acting like a little boy in wizard school.

Fancy Schmancy won the coin toss and decide to Firsty Schirmitz which is usually the slot that Fiasco like to go in, but this would force Fiasco to watch and then be the second team on stage.

It was time to get the show on the road, Fancy Schmancy came out with a full brunt force to the head.  After the first ten minutes is was obvious that they meant business schiness.  The clock hit the zero mark as Fancy keep the audience laughing in their seats.  Let's just say that their show was very fancy... you know fancy schmancy.

Fiasco! then came to defend their title and show just how you do a cagematch.  Fiasco! was a man short with Justin Michael in Greece eating gyros.  Unlike any other show Fiasco! came to play.  As they emerge as a band in their scenes, it was yet to be seen if they would go double platinum or not.

The audience voted as the two teams would jam.  The official cagematch polling committee had to recount the votes three times, it was so close.  It was so close that if we were in Florida, the committee wouldn't have known what to do. (It's never too late for a 2000 election joke)  The winner would win would be one vote.

... and your new cagematch champions are Fancy Schmancy!!!

Join us on March 18th as your new Champs take on the the improv musical duo "The Spaders"

Reservation are already sold out but come get in the stand by line and we will do our best to get you in to see the show.

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