Friday, March 27, 2009

The Cagematch Concert!

On March 18th, Cagematch had a new champion in town and they were ready to fight.

The show started with Harrison talking about his love for Dog magazine and his shameless promotion for the UC Bar, in which he was hosting the following Friday. (Really? Is cagematch about cagematch, a fight to the final finish or for shamelessly promoting other shows at the UCB? (Doesn't Harrison write the blog? (maybe?)))  Harrison brought both teams out, first the challengers The Spaders, which is Josh Covitt and Jay Hathaway, a musical duo.  Then out came your new champions Fancy Schmancy, which we learned they feel fancy every day! and they deserve to, they're the champs!

The show proceeded with The Spaders hitting the stage first.  As a musical duo, they mix improvised acoustic guitar songs and improvised scene work, which meld together to form a 20 min killer set and by killer set I mean the audience loved it, not that they played songs from "The Killers" catalog.  The Spaders sang their hearts out and played their guitars until the buzzer on the
 clock buzzed.

Out stepped cagematch's new champions Fancy Schmancy, which stepped up to the plate, called
 their shot and delivered.  I wasn't sure if I was watching Fancy Schmancy or Babe Ruth, I shortly figured out I was watching Fancy Schmancy, mainly do to that fact that I don't think Babe Ruth was very fancy, and I don't think he did improv.  the audience laughed their way through Fancy Schmancy 20 mins.

The audience then went to the polls and voted, officials from the CA state improv board were brought in to observe the vote.  And still Champions Fancy Schmancy took the victory over The Spader, only to have to face Kill Screen the next Wednesday, which could turn out to be their toughest match yet.

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