Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fiasco! Soar past Soaring Spirit

On March 4th, the current champs, Fiasco! took on one might giant only known as Soaring Spirit in the squared circle.

Fiasco! came out swing hard, with a trip to the amusement, but would this show be enough to concur Soaring Spirit?  Only time and the audience would tell.
Soaring Spirit came out started what some might call a power 20 as in the nex
t 20 mins are going to be all about improv power.  Starting with a wedding day and taking us where every it would lead, but Soaring Spirit brought it all back, so that the last scene was all about the same wedding couple.
Then the audience voted and a decision was made. The results, the white man had concurred the Indians once again aka Fiasco! concurred their challengers with one hand tied behind their backs.

Fiasco! is off to play Fancy Schmanzy on March 11th

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