Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fiasco! sinks the USS Rock n Roll

Fiasco! came last night to see if they could make it to five wins inside the square circle of the UCB Cagematch. Fiasco! a five person team would find themselves up against an ocean liner known as the USS Rock n Rock and they came preparred for battle. USS Rock n Roll won the coin toss and choose to go to second which mean Fiasco! was up first.

Fiasco! set the bar high and would make it a difficult act to follow after a intervention scene, where a friend has been using a power glove. Fiasco! even had baby eating waves, global warming can cause anything these days!

Just as Fiasco! was finishing the USS Rock n Roll was headed to sea for one hell of a battle. They ended up going down into the world of Dungeon and Dragons and kitty cats. With one mintue left, they called a timeout, to go find an actually cat, but all they could find were paper towels.

After an amazing battle the show was in the audience hands, would they vote Fiasco! a team that has proven for four weeks they deserve another week as Cagematch Champs or the USS Rock n Roll, who came in like a force and made the audience die of laughter?

The votes were counted, and 100% of the polls reporting, it was announced that Fiasco! had won again for record of 5-0.

See Fiasco! take on Soaring Spirit (Suzi Barrett, Johnny Meeks, June Raphel, Joel Spence) next Wednesday (3/4) at 11pm at the UCB Cagematch!!!

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