Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fiasco! crushes the human giant, Michael Clark Duncan

On a very special Valentine's day edition of Cagematch, there was a very fierce match between the current Champs "Fiasco!" and "Michael Clark Duncan."

To start the night off, Harrison Brown was interrupted by a merchant selling flowers to a "Too Cool for School" type in the front row. After repeatedly being asked to leave he returned with chocolates and then a dildo. This is how a very special Valentine's Day Cagematch begun.

Fiasco lost the coin toss and Michael Clark Duncan choose to go second, so Fiasco! was out of the gate and running. Fiasco defending their title of 2-0 with great honor.

In the second half of the show Michael Clark Duncan came out and showed the audience that Michael Clark Duncan is so much more than a really huge actor, he is also an amazing improv team made up of all girls including, Julia Bensfield, Becky Feldman, Cissy Fenwick,, Lindsey Jacobson, Zoe Jarman.

After both teams performed the audience voted and the votes were counted twice since it was so close, but the returning Champions Fiasco! won for another week.

Fiasco! is to defend their title on Wed Feb 18th vs. Imaginary Friends.

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