Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fiasco! doesn't need Imaginary Friends

Last Wednesday Fiasco! took on the group "Imaginary Friends" in the square circle of improv. Fiasco! took charge early on by winning the coin toss and choosing to go first.

Fiasco! went on some crazy rides throughout their show, which included a ride at a amusement park. After 20 mins, Fiasco! left the stage after having a killer set.

Out came Imaginary Friends, which was news to host, Harrison Brown, to find out that his imaginary friend, Thad wasn't on the team, but the team actually consisted of real friends, which included Andrew Wollman, Andie Bolt, Scott Davis, Peter Dirksen, Brendan McGovern, James Ross, Jonny Swarzbein, and Daniel Weiss. They had a great first 13 minutes and then... the called a "time out" the first time out of 2009, for a little seven minute stretch sign along. After the sing along they finished their set with some great improv!

The audience casted their vote, their votes were counted, and a winner was determined... Fiasco! wins again!

Once again another great hour of improv at the UCB Cagematch!

See Fiasco! defend their title against the USS Rock n Roll on Wednesday (2/25) at 11pm at the UCB Theatre!!!

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