Thursday, March 17, 2011

March Madness ends with a RE-MATCH!!!

32 Teams competed in TNT's March Madness tournament, four advanced to the final four at Cagematch last night, one emerged to get the opportunity to face Cagematch Champions Skinny Business Will Not Apologize (9-0).

That team is MurderCliff!!!

MurderCliff has already faced Skinny Business Will Not Apologize and were defeated, but will the momentum from TNT's March Madness Tournament be enough for them to emerge victoriously next Wednesday!

Make your reservation to find out!

Dan Foster
Darien Clark
Jessica McKenna
Zach Reino
Jon Schmidt
Chris Teregis

Skinny Business Will Not Apologize
Jason Mantzoukas
Lennon Parham
Jessica St. Clair
Zach Woods

The Re-Dux Video will be posted on Saturday!  Come back to check it out.

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