Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tip Your Hats to Skinny Business

Last night “Skinny Business Will Not Apologize” secured a hat trick win, when they took down “Happy Fucking Labor Day”

Re-Dux video should be up on Friday, check back here.

Make Reservations for next week

Wednesday, February 2nd
Awkward Prov vs Skinny Business Will Not Apologize

Awkward Prov
Allan Mcleod
Brynna Campbell
Erik Charles Nielsen
Joe Wengert
Lesley Tsina
Mara Beckman
Matt Manser
Stephanie Allyne
Tricia McAlpin

Skinny Business Will Not Apologize
Jason Mantzoukas
Lennon Parham
Jessica St. Clair
Zach Woods

Happy Fucking Labor Day

 Skinny Business Will Not Apologize

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