Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gentiles win the war on Christmas!!!

Last night, Wednesday December 23rd, was the annual Exhibition Cagematch:

Jews vs Gentiles

Playing for a full house after each religion had 20 mins to do improv, the audience voted by applause and the result was tie pushing exhibition cagematch into OVERTIME!!!

Each team received additional 5 mins to perform and the audience voted and declared GENTILES winners of the 2010 Exhibition Cagematch: Jews vs Gentiles

Team Gentile: Amanda Sitko, Madeline Walter, Wayland McQueen, Allan McLeod, Drew DiFonzo Marks, Adam McCabe, Betsy Sodaro, Scott Davis

Team Jews: Jacob Reed, Jill Donnelly, Jake Regel, Jonny Svarzbein, Deborah Tarica, Jennie Pierson, Hal Rudnick

Next Wednesday, December 29th Exhibtion Cagematch returns with
Chicken Choice Judy vs. Arsonist's ToolKit

The winner goes on to face the newest Cagematch Champions Bodega (1-0) on Jan 5th.

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