Sunday, December 13, 2009

"Could you please pass the CAGEMATCH!"

Twas the night before Thanksgiving, two student teams both giving thanks for the chance to compete for an opportunity to go against the ever so powerful Death by Roo Roo West. Who would get that chance? Bright and Shiny or Lawrence of Arkansas, there was only one way to decide: CAGEMATCH. 20 minutes of improv is all they get to prove that they are the right competitors.

After a hilarious bit by Toni and Betsy about the first ever cagematch, Bright and Shiny and Lawrence of Arkansas were brought to stage for a good old fashioned coin toss determining who will be going first. Bright and Shiny is first! After another hilarious bit about the cagematch rules by Toni and Betsy, it was game on for Bright and Shiny. They were just what their name seemed, Bright and Shiny on that stage. They were fast, quick, and hilarious, but would it be enough for the victory...only time could tell.

20 minutes is up, it is now Lawrence of Arkansas' turn to blow the audience's minds. They begin with a force like that of the pilgrims taking over Plymouth Rock, letting nothing stand in their way. They too had a hilarious show that kept the audience laughing. But enough. Their 20 minutes is up, it is time to vote.

Unlike voting during the first Thanksgiving where they yelled the loudest, the audience handed in their ballots and the votes were counted. Bright and Shiny are victorious!! They have earned the opportunity to go up against Death by Roo Roo West!!!